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20 Degrees is a vision we have in the housing sector. Our vision is for all homes in the Bay of Plenty to be able to maintain 20°C on a cold, winter's night. This vision is actively being worked towards by Sustainability Options.

Take a look at what 20 Degrees is all about...


Quote from letter by T + H - Te Puna, Tauranga

"I am writing this acknowledgement of satisfaction to all concerned at your facility who have undertaken gallant work and in an advisory capacity, whilst assisting us in making our home healthy. I especially would like to mention a very pertinent aspect of friendly, non-judgmental, professional manner in which the services have been conducted and completed. We thank you for the aspects of Respect and Consideration. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy our needs of living safely and comfortably"

Email from R - Gate Pa, Tauranga

"Thank you Lee, very appreciative, your company has been very generous and helpful!"

Text from H - Lynmore, Rotorua

"Kia ora Lee. They have just completed the repairs to the window sills and frame. Both of them were lovely. The execution of the job was above what I expected. Excellent service. Great personalities. Great communication. Thanks to you and your team. Very Happy. I have windows I can open!!!"

Email from S - Fordlands, Rotorua

"Kia ora Lee, yes, it's all in and working well :). Thank you so much, I have to admit, I don't really know what to say, I've never been given help like this before and am a bit embarrassed and overwhelmed.

We would like to attend the 20 degrees information evening when there is another. Many thanks. "

Reference from L - Ngongotahā

"My client's toilet was blocked to the point she was unable to use it. At the same time, her hot water cylinder had broken down and she had no hot water.  Fortunately and with your support the toilet blockage and hot water cylinder were both fixed at the same time.  The sheer joy she experienced was a delight to behold!  Prior to this her demeanour was incredibly defeated (to the point of tears) and her self esteem was at a very low point. It is amazing how having practical support towards essential living needs can do wonders for one's self esteem".  


Through collaboration, connection, minor repairs, education, and confidence. These numbers are as of January 2024.


Whānau supported

across the Bay of Plenty.


Home improvement actions

Heating, insulation, curtains, draft proofing, extraction fans, holes repaired, down pipes and gutters connected, hot water cylinders fixed, electrical wiring, broken windows, window joinery repaired, leaks, plumbing, safety.


Workshops held

across the Bay of Plenty.

Funded by


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