Businesses from across New Zealand are stepping forward to help the 20 Degrees vision. 

The vision aspires to engage collaboration from across the community to help our most vulnerable families/whānau to have the pleasure and joy of living in a warm, dry, and healthy home. With cornerstone funding provided by generous philanthropic organisations, the 20 Degrees vision seeks to collaboratively work with whānau/ families, government agencies, and local businesses to bring about the housing improvements needed.

Every day, we receive referrals from the hospitals in our region, seeking our help for young children and vulnerable elderly, who are regularly in hospital, suffering from conditions that have been exacerbated by cold, damp, poor housing conditions.

Businesses can collaborate with us in a number of ways:

  • Providing low-cost access to the purchase of products and services.

  • Contributing free services and products.

  • Providing funding, donations, or sponsorship.

  • Providing in-kind support.

To date, through the generosity of business, over $200,000 in donated goods, services, and finances have been contributed towards the 20 Degrees vision. 

We are immensely grateful to the businesses who currently support our mahi, we can't do it without you. Your help, wisdom, support, and contribution have helped over 500 whānau / families to improve their living conditions so that the rain is not driving through the windows, the floors are not collapsing underneath their feet, the roof is not leaking, the electrical wiring is safe, the oven is not being used as the only heater, the plumbing is not leaking through the walls, the mouldy, collapsed ceiling has been removed and replaced, the list goes on - thank you!

If you can help us in our mission to help those whānau/families in the BOP who are living in really poor housing conditions, or if you'd like to know more about what we do, please fill out our enquiry form below, selecting 'Partner enquiry' as the reason for enquiry, and Nik or Phil will be in touch.

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Thank you for your enquiry. A member of our hub team will be in touch shortly.


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