Many homes in New Zealand have been suffering from lack of repairs, maintenance, improvements and tender loving care. These homes are cold, damp and increasingly unhealthy to live in. But more importantly, these homes are 'our homes,' the homes of 'our families' and they are special to us. Maintaining and repairing them is important. 

We believe that in the Bay of Plenty alone, up to 29,000 homes are in need of repairs, maintenance and improvements - to be healthy homes, but those who are living in the homes are not able to address these issues. 

The challenge is so large that one organisation alone can't address it, that is why 20 Degrees needs to work with community organisations and other agencies that are already working alongside whānau/families. Our desire is to work with you as a partner, to improve together the whare/home of whānau you would like us to help.

The different types of partners we have

Funding Partners

Our funding partners help keep us going! We have one of the largest collaborative funding efforts in our region’s history. Our collective funders recognised that a collaborative funding approach was necessary to address the scale of intervention needed.

Referral Partners

We have sooo many amazing referral partners that listing you all would clog our website! Despite this disappointing reality, we want each of you to know that you are invaluable to the success of our mahi. 

Your support to identify, engage with, and meet whānau who need our help most provides us the successes we are able to share on this site and beyond. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If your organisation would like to refer whānau that you believe we can help, please 'Enquire now' below, we would love to make contact with you to see how we can support you.

Supporting Partners

Our supporting partners are organisations that have supported us through providing services, collaborations, and contacts to further our mahi. You are an essential helping us achieve our 20 Degrees vision and we want to take this opportunity to acknowledge your support in our journey to improve housing conditions for kiwis.

If your organisation would like to support our work through providing your services, collaboration, contacts... really anything that would help to improve living standards for kiwis, please 'Enquire now' below, we would love to make contact with you to see how we can work together.

Business Partners

And of course, we want to say a MASSIVE thank you to our amazing business partners who provide us products, materials, kind services, donations and oodles of support in our efforts. We are immensely grateful for each of you. 

If your business would like to work with us providing products, materials, kind services, donations or any valuable support, please 'Enquire now' below, we would love to make contact with you to see how we can work together.

Interested in partnering with us?

Please fill out the reason for enquiry as 'Partner enquiry' and let us know your organisation in the message! We look forward being in touch!


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